The Lenderoo Giveback

Here’s our mission: transform mortgages from being a big evil necessary into a social good. We’ve designed Lenderoo to bring out the best in people, while giving society a push for the better. Introducing the Lenderoo Giveback.

We’re making a change

Lenderoo gets a fee for every mortgage we do and gives a portion of that to a charity of your choice. Some of our charity partners will even match yours as a thank you.

This means:

• You get a great mortgage, while making a mark on a cause you care about.

• There’s no conflict of interest between you and us, because we always earn a fee.

• Social good is baked into the core of our business model.

How giveback works

You get a mortgage with Lenderoo, and select a charity you care about

We’ll send the donation to the charity at the end of every fiscal year

Send us referrals and we’ll double the amount we send to the charity

Join the Giveback Movement

Tens of thousands of members already support causes they care about, simply by getting a Lenderoo mortgage. As our Lenderoo community grows, your social impact can become even stronger.